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Tooth Whitening In Miami, FL

The tooth whitening system called Venus White Max, is an exclusive syringe

mixing system that ensures freshness on each application. It is a bleaching gel applied by the Odontologist in one or more teeth, or parts of a tooth. Venus White is also used in non-vital teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

It happens to everyone. Despite our best efforts, eventually our teeth lose their white luster and grows dingy and yellow over time. When this happens, many choose to turn to a tooth whitening service. The only issue? Either they’re pricey or their services are less than stellar. These two factors can create quite the dilemma. Where can you find tooth whitening in Miami, FL, that is both affordable and of excellent quality?

We’re Here to Help

Fernandez Dental Office offers the premier tooth whitening service in Miami, FL. We use innovative technology that can’t be found anywhere else and whitens your teeth more effectively than any other method. What we use is Venus White Max. It is a syringe treatment and will take more than one appointment to maintain, but its results are well worth your time. All it takes is the specialist applying a special gel to your teeth that will bleach away any discoloring.

One of the advantages of this kind of treatment is its precision. With Venus White Max, our odonatologists can work to whiten anywhere from small sections of individual teeth to the full tooth to your whole mouth. The choice is yours!

To learn more about how you can receive high-quality tooth whitening in Miami, FL, reach out to us!