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Pinhole Surgeon in Miami, FL

The pinhole surgical technique.

The gum or gingiva is a tissue inside the mouth covering the maxillary (upper and lower). It is visible when you lift the lips and helps protect and support teeth. While normal color is pale pinkish-red, a diseased gum appears strong red, edematous, and shows easy bleeding predisposition.

Gum disease is one of the biggest problems of oral health and is very common in all ages. It is considered by Odontologists as a major problem, although some of the patients tend to ignore it until diagnosed. Periodontal or gum disease can affect people even without feeling symptoms.

Sometimes, there are patients who detect a receding gum in one or more teeth, which can affect their smile. Fernandez Dental provides pinhole surgical techniques with very favorable results. This latest generation procedure which was launched by the world-renowned dentist Dr. John Chao, allows treatment for gingival recession. A pinhole is a non-invasive technique that prevents graft, incisions and sutures. With this treatment provided by the Fernandez Dental’s clinics, patients can enjoy beautiful and healthy gums.